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Glass Workshops at Inspiration Farm with Brian Kerkvliet
I will be offering private classes throughout the Summer and Fall! Come by yourself or get a group of friends together. I charge $500 a day for up to 3 people. 4 or more people will be based on $150 a day per person. This includes all materials and personally tailored instruction in Brian Kerkvliet's studio at Inspiration Farm. Look at the list of classes description on the left for potential topics you would like to learn.
See a Slideshow from last years Penland class
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Call 866-813-9706 or Email for details on how to book your class! Limited dates are available on a first come first served basis! I Hope to see you this Summer for some glass fun! Brian Kerkvliet

Overview of The Class Environment at Inspiration Farm

What others say about Inspiration Farm!

"Exceeded my expectations and goals!"

"I learned step by step the exact process that I came to learn"

"Food was way beyond what I expected... Superb!"

"Over the top! Balls out! I love this place!"

"Individual instruction helped me immensely!"

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