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Brian Kerkvliet will share many ways of creatively combining off hand glass blowing and it’s intimate cousin flameworking. This class is intended for intermediate to advances glass artists who have ether worked with the furnace or the torch and are interested in melding the two in exciting and unusual ways. The students will have access to borosilicate and soft glasses for their creations.

By flameworking imagery, either in two or three dimension, one can pick up or encase them in blown work, fuse them on sheet glass. Vacuum forming, sculpting, casting, and blowing are but a few of the methods that can be utilized. A stand for a vase, a cradle for a bowl or who knows! Combining the two disciplines by making a borosilicate armature or component that interacts with a piece of blown work. The sky is the limit! There are many unexplored potentials in this cutting edge area of, the dance between Flame and the Furnace.

Most of the studio time will be working at the torch however some hot shop time will be available.

Sea offering bowl detail

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