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by Brian Kerkvliet copyright 1995 In the last few articles I focused mainly on the development of style and various goings-on in the lampworking world. Now I think it’s time to get back to some of the nuts and bolts of flameworking! In my experience as a teacher and someone who is plugged into the […]

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By Brian Kerkvliet, Copyright 1995 At the 25th anniversary of the Glass Art Society conference held in Asheville North Carolina, this past May (13-14 1995), there was a great enthusiasm for flameworking and beads. It is this refreshing energetic enthusiasm that I want to talk about! It seemed to envelop nearly every conversation to some […]

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Suppliers list for Glass Artists Articles on Inspiration Farm Books and Supplies Flameworkers Safety Sheet Bead Basics Beads From the Beginning Twist and Shout of Lampworking! Magic Kiln Tactics Annealing & More! Finding Your Style Did you loose it, or what!? The Flame Grew Brighter GAS conference The Bead gets Bigger: Core Vessels Marbvelous Marbles […]

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