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Earth, Wind & Fire

  ‘Glass working is like a choreographed dance’  Reprinted from The Western Front. Photo by Chris Fuller /TheWestern FrontBrian Kerklviet’s glasswork is displayed at his gallery and studio at Gossamer Glass Studio in Bellingham By Alashia Freimuth The Western Front April 18, 2001 Dozens of intricate, multi-colored glass sculptures light up the white walls of […]

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by Brian Kerkvliet copyright 1995 In the last few articles I focused mainly on the development of style and various goings-on in the lampworking world. Now I think it’s time to get back to some of the nuts and bolts of flameworking! In my experience as a teacher and someone who is plugged into the […]

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Flameworking Health & Safety Guidelines

Like any craft or hobby, glassworking has some inherent risk of injury to the artist. As interest in lampworking has increased, it has become clear that some general information on potential health and safety risks would be useful to many people. The following information is intended to increase your enjoyment of lampworking, while adding to […]

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