Flameworking Extravaganza!

6 day Flameworking Extravaganza! at Inspiration Farm

We will explore both soft glass and borosilicate working techniques. Everything from advanced bead techniques to borosilicate constructions will be discussed and demonstrated. We will try to accommodate special areas of interest in this week of glass. Goblets, bottles, solid sculpture and complex part assemblies are a few of the topics in borosilicate. Brian will share his years of furnace and lampworking experience, in this unique cross pollination of techniques. Some of the things that we can do in soft glass. Murrine, advanced twisted canes, blown forms, marbles, paperweights, combining fusing, lampwork and core vessels. Other processes can be demonstrated if there is interest. This is an advanced class and requires at least two years of torch experience. Using primarily borosilicate glass to create complex component sculptures we will help you through an in-depth project of your choice. Considering all designing, blowing, sculpting, constructing, coloring, encasing, decorating and annealing issues that come up in the course of creating a significant piece of flameworked glass art. Studio setup, shop safety and good supply sources will also be covered. Plus a lot more!

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