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Dichroic Glass

  The Mysteries of Dichroic Glass By Brian Kerkvliet © 9/20/96 In the last several years there has been a growing interest in the use of dichroic glass. There are many reasons for the attraction to the spanky glitter effect that it produces. The most common being: “It sells my work”, “I love the way […]

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The Twist and Shout of Lampworking!

By: Brian Kerkvliet copyright 10/94 In this issue I will look at several of the many different types of twisted cane that you cane make on the torch. These canes are sometimes referred to (somewhat inaccurately) as latticino. The term latticino pertains to a particular kind of twisted cane that has color running the length […]

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Books and Suppliers

Suppliers list for Glass Artists Articles on Inspiration Farm Books and Supplies Flameworkers Safety Sheet Bead Basics Beads From the Beginning Twist and Shout of Lampworking! Magic Kiln Tactics Annealing & More! Finding Your Style Did you loose it, or what!? The Flame Grew Brighter GAS conference The Bead gets Bigger: Core Vessels Marbvelous Marbles […]

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